3v3 Summer League

REVISED [8-1-16] Team Game Schedule

(Link to waiver is below)

BYBA 3v3 League Rules:

1. Call your own fouls.

2. All fouls or ball out of bounds will result in taking the ball out of bounds at the top of the key.

3. The ball must be "checked" before inbounding and passed in.  

4. The player taking the ball out must pass it in.  No dribbling in.

5. Coaches will act as court supervisors.

6. Players keep the game score and should announce the score prior to taking the ball out.

7. All players, parents and coaches are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times.

8. Alternating possession.  No make it take it.

9. Rock, Paper, Scissors for possession at the beginning of the game.

10. Defensive rebounds must be taken back to the 3-point line before attempting a shot.

11. Standard scoring, 3 pointers and 2 pointers.