1.      Who will oversee the BYBA and how is it structured?

The BYBA Board of Directors which includes Curtis Clark, Head Varsity Boys Coach and eight other Board Members. Four permanent representatives which includes the Executive Director who is the varsity head coach, a BSD representative, an Assistant Executive Director and a Legal Representative.  The other board members will serve two year terms as directors or move into an officer positions by vote of the board of directors.  

2.      Will kids be allowed to take competitive level jumps, i.e. 4th playing with 6th?

There will be an evaluation period within each grade level. Kids will be assigned to teams within their grade level. This is dependent on the numbers of participants in the program. As a rule, individuals won’t be moved up a grade level but from time to time a team may moved to a different level of competition.

3.      Do you have coach resources available if we want to find a coach for our team?

The BYBA will generate a list of interested and available coaches in the area, including parents, alumni, and other interested parties.

4.      Who will decide what tournaments the athletes play in? Limits?

The BYBA will determine the tournaments that the program will offer. Individual teams are welcome to participate in additional tournaments if they wish. Please note, additional tournaments (beyond the original listed) are not included in the registration fees and will be the responsibility of each team.

5.      Will there be practice schedules? How soon will we be informed of practice time changes?

Practice schedules with be determined in the fall (early October). There is not a set schedule at this time. The BYBA will notify parents of schedule changes as far in advance as is humanly possible. However, due to the facility schedules and inclement weather, practice schedules may change with limited notice.

6.      During tournament weekends, how many practices can there be?

The BYBA will schedule two practices during the week when possible. Not all teams are guaranteed two per week due to gym space.  Additional practice may be dependent on the availability of gym space.

7.      Will team coaches have a say in practice times?

The team coaches will have opportunity to request practice times. There may be limitations dependent on the availability of gym space.  Older grade levels will have priority on larger gyms.

8.       Can the athletes play for other competitive teams? Are there rules for conflicting commitments and schedules?

The purpose of the BYBA is to allow for young athletes to develop basketball skills and still participate in other sports opportunities. At this time, there are no policies in place for tournament conflicts, however, appropriate notice is recommended and appreciated.

9.      How many teams will there be?

This will be determined by the number of interested athletes. We will create teams as the need is established.

10.      How many players will there be on a team?

This will be determined by the number of interested athletes in each grade level, hoping to maximize playing time and practice time, teams will be kept relatively small with 8 to 10 players per team.

11.      What does the BYBA fee include?

The fee includes team team assignment night, practice access time, AAU membership insurance card, player share of league entry fee(s),player share of  tournament entry fee(s), off season BYBA skill workouts, open gyms, BYBA outreach programs, and a reversible game jersey to be worn for practice also..

12.       Are there facility guidelines regarding having “staff” members present at the facility?

Facilities will be staffed as is reasonable.  Team coaches will be responsible for gym care and the supervision of their team. Obviously, early in the season, staff members of the BYBA will be available as needed.

13.       Will the coaches guides be available on the BYBA website?

Yes. They will be emailed to all in attendance at the informational  coaches meeting. Contact Gordon Staley (3rd-5th), Larry Ratigan (6th -8th) at the emails listed below to be added to this list.  Videos of drills by Coach Clark will be on the website under the LINKS tab as soon as available.

14.      Can team coaches decide which tournaments to play?

They will have input, however, the Executive Director (Coach Clark), along with the board of directors will decide which tournaments are appropriate and included in the registration fees. They will work closely with the club coaches to determine additional tournament opportunities.

15.      Will the club program be reflective of the BHS basketball program offensive and defensive philosophies and strategies?

Yes and no, but there will be age-appropriate continuity. Not all strategies used by BHS are age-appropriate for younger grades.

16.      Is the BYBA only for Bettendorf kids? Are there limits to location?

      Any student who is in the Bettendorf School District is eligible. This includes Morningstar, Rivermont, and home-school based students in district.                                                                                

     17.      Is there consideration of fees (scholarship) for those students whose parents are under financial stress:

     Yes.  Under certain circumstances, arrangements can be made on an individual basis by review of the board to grant this request or make other offers.

     Contact the Board of Directors at byba@bettendorfyba.com